The Perfect Gifts for Any Truck Driver

by Pride Transport | Nov 01, 2023

Driving a truck is one of the most important jobs anyone can have in 2023. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most underappreciated jobs. 

Transportation industry labor shortages, safety regulations, and time away from home can be stressful for truck drivers, who often put their career before their own wellbeing. Driving a truck to deliver goods to consumers and keep countless industries operating efficiently is a selfless job; it’s easy for non-drivers to take these hardworking men and women for granted.

There will always be a reason to show the truck drivers in your life some love, so why not stock up on some truck-related gifts for them? Whether you’re looking for a celebratory gift for a friend who just got their CDL, a birthday present for a family member who has spent their career behind the wheel, or a holiday gift for a friend who just loves big rigs, there are plenty of helpful (and not to mention funny!) options out there.

Cool and Helpful Gadgets for Truck Drivers

For the drivers who always seem to have the latest tech in their trucks, get them something they probably wouldn’t think to get themselves. There’s a whole host of high-tech gadgets to outfit their rig and themselves out there, so consider finding them a product that’ll help them hack their own life and increase their efficiency.


  1. A cozy electric blanket to help them snuggle up in their sleeper cab. Most of these blankets now come with auto-off timers and are miraculously machine washable, making them easy to keep safe and clean while on the road.
  2. Help your favorite truck driver take gourmet meals on the go with a portable oven. This handy food warmer can be used to reheat or even cook food. All you need to do is plug it in! It easily fits in a passenger seat and even comes with a handy strap.
  3. Not all truck drivers have gloves with finger lights, but yours will! This unique gift will eliminate the need to juggle a flashlight when both hands are needed to complete tasks in and around the truck in the dark.

pride transport truck in a parking lot

Gifts to Make Their Job Easier

If you want to keep it simple, there are a few gifts that can be considered classics for truck drivers. These picks are sure to please anyone who spends long days on the road because they’re actually useful.


  1. Pick up a gift card to your favorite truck driver’s most-frequented truck stop. Truck stops have way more than just food and fuel — they can have everything from chiropractors and truck washes to laundry facilities and of course shower facilities, too. 
  2. No matter how hard we all try to stay clean, every front seat is bound to get crumby at some point. A portable vacuum cleaner can be used to clean up any mess in a truck cab.
  3. Any well-read traveler is sure to make use of a Kindle or other e-reader. Say goodbye to wasting valuable cab real estate to bulky books and hello to a slim way to store an entire library in one place!

Gifts to Make Sleeping on the Road Absolutely Dreamy

Getting a good night’s sleep is especially important for truck drivers, who need to make sure they are always alert when operating their vehicles. These gift options will help set them up for a successful snooze after a long day on the job.


  1. A pair of ear plugs will help the truck driver in your life tune out any noises outside of their cab when they’re trying to catch some Zs. 
  2. To keep it even more quiet, get light sleepers a portable white noise machine. This one is compact and can be recharged with a micro-USB. It can even be hung up and positioned to fit any sleeping space
  3. For light-sensitive drivers or those who need to nap during the day, a privacy window shade might do the trick.

Funny Things for Truck Drivers

At Pride Transport, we treat each other like family. And family members like to make fun of each other, don’t they? If you have a close relationship with a truck driver, they might appreciate some sort of joke gift to keep them laughing while away from their friends and loved ones. 


Beware: These gifts are truly groan-worthy (which is how we know they’re worthy of a truck driver)!


  1. A comfortable and corny shirt is sure to spark a smile from your favorite driver. There are so many novelty tees featuring Dad-approved jokes out there, you’re sure to find one perfectly suited to their personality, whether it’s cheesy or extremely cheesy. 
  2. A comfortable and more classic shirt might be a better fit for your All-American driver. Featuring a flag and a semi, this design is as patriotic as it gets.
  3. Most drivers we know love their coffee, so why not give them a fun cup they can drink it out of? You can find a variety of sizes and even ones featuring truck-related sayings. For a thoughtful touch, bundle a mug with a coffee shop gift card or bag of beans from their favorite coffee roaster so they can be all ready to caffeinate.

Subscriptions for Truck Drivers

Sitting all day can sometimes feel monotonous, so some drivers might really appreciate brain-stimulating gifts. The good news is that there are so many subscription options out there to make learning while out on the road as easy as pressing play. Give them the gift of mindfulness tools and entire libraries with access to one of these platforms.


  1. A subscription to Headspace can give them an excuse to engage in a little bit of self-care every day, even when away from home.
  2. From leadership skills to crypto currency management, Masterclass has a course for just about every interest.
  3. For avid readers, Audible is the perfect place to download audiobooks. A premium subscription will get them one or two books every month, as well as access to the Audible Plus catalog of Audible Originals, podcasts, and even meditations.

Need some more gift ideas for the truck driver in your life? Check out our previous gift guide and list of gear we think is essential for all drivers.

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