A Tradition of Excellence

Pride Logistics was built with the same values and work ethic as our asset fleet. We take pride in passing along our company’s culture to the owner-operators and smaller companies we work with. We measure our success by the results we generate for our customers. Pride Logistics maintains the same values and the tradition of excellence set in place by our Pride Fleet.

Shipper & Carriers
Shippers and carriers alike will see what sets Pride Logistics apart from other logistics options. We have a vested interest in our company’s customers and we work hard to ensure that relationship is strengthened by our added value through the same expected service as the asset fleet.
For Shippers
  • Our contracted carriers are held to a very high standard through our extensive carrier vetting process. Rest assured that the driver is reliable, properly insured, and monitored by our dedicated staff throughout the duration of each move.
  • We take the responsibility seriously that our carriers are a reflection of our Pride fleet. Pride has built a reputation on service and reliability and we strive to maintain that pristine reputation.
  • Our customers have access to hourly tracking on their loads from the time the truck is in progress with your freight, until the time the driver arrives for delivery.
For Carriers
  • The true advantage of becoming a partner carrier with Pride Logistics is the fact that we are an asset-based logistics office. We value and respect the effort that it takes to become a great carrier.
  • We seek carriers that understand the value of working with a logistics firm that wants to create long term partnerships in transportation. Many of our carriers have been with us from day one of Pride Logistics.
  • We understand that you’re on the road to make a good living for yourself and your family. We offer many financial solutions for the settlement of your moves with us through expedited payment options as well as our regular terms of 7 days from the day we receive your paperwork. These payment terms can all be deposited directly into your account with our ACH option.
The Right Financial Solutions
Making a living is your prime goal when you’re on the road, we give you the right solutions for the settlement of your moves with us.
Carrier Packet

Setup is quick and easy by filling out and returning the attached carrier setup packet.

Ach Form

Settlement of your invoices is quick and easy through direct deposit. Fill out and return this form to get the setup process started.

Surety Bond

Download Pride Logistics Surety Bond. We want you to know there is no risk to your company when you’re working with Pride Transport.

IRS W-9 Form

Either send in your pre-filled out W9 or download ours.

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