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About Pride

Family means something to us here at Pride. It means, respect, care, reliability, and truth. We've been together for over 40 years now and we just keep getting better. We have pride in who we are and that makes us one of the best in the business. We drive with Pride.

Our Culture

Our company's culture is unique. We truly have an open door policy and encourage everyone to know each other's names. The founder of the company is a truck driver first , businessman second. This distinction has created an environment that understands the importance of the individual first, rather than the company.

Our Core Values

We narrowed our values down to the five most important: Safety-Minded, Knowledgeable, Friendly/Approachable, Reliable/Do the right thing, and Hard Working. Nothing mystical here, just the honest, straightforward values.


From our drivers to our mechanics, there is nothing more important than making sure our employees are safe.


Each person has a responsibility to be knowledgeable in the respective positions. There’s more to driving a truck than most people understand.


Good old fashioned being kind and polite to each other is what has preserved our culture over the last 38 years

reliable/do the right thing

Our employees are out on the road for weeks on end, we rely on them to always represent our company in a professional manner


Trucking is a lifestyle, it requires a lot of work from our drivers to our non-drivers. We never close. We’re open 24/7.

Our Team

From our founders, to our drivers, to the support people in the office, Pride has an extensive, highly experienced team working together to do the job right. Our passion for excellence is shared by all members of our team, our team is 620 strong and each one plays a critical role in helping our company succeed.

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Our History

Pride was founded from a love of trucking in 1979. Jeff England was born into trucking and diesel has always coursed through his veins. He and his wife, Pat, seized the opportunity to branch out on their own and buy their first truck. Within a few years, they had added a couple of trucks and rebranded to Pride Transport Inc. Pride has maintained a focus on our people first, culture and beautiful equipment. In 2012, Jeff passed the ownership and day to day oversight of the company to his only son, Jay England. Pride was founded on a family tradition and continues the same way today.

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