Just How Important Is It to Have a Trucking Mentor?

by Pride Transport | Jan 31, 2023

No matter what your career is, it’s always beneficial to have a mentor to help you along your career path. A mentor has already been through training and different scenarios that you may come across. They know people in your industry and may have a strong network that you haven’t yet established. 


For all of these reasons and others, you need to have a trucking industry mentor. Whether you’ve already gotten your commercial license or you’re just starting out on your path to a future in the industry, here are some reasons you need to get yourself a mentor as soon as possible. 


Yes, You Can Benefit From Having a Mentor

Using a mentorship to get started in the trucking industry is a great idea. There are a couple kinds of mentorships, ranging from peer mentorships with people at the same stage within the industry to traditional mentorships, which normally put a newer driver with an experienced mentor for the purpose of career development.


No matter what kind of mentorship you choose, you should know that the purpose is to grow and develop your skills. You will receive some major benefits from going through a mentorship, including:


  • Receiving feedback about your work and skills
  • Getting help setting goals
  • Deciding on your career path
  • Getting held accountable to help you achieve your goals
  • Developing better leadership skills and relationships
  • Raising your confidence on the road
  • Gaining knowledge about the industry or networks you’ll be working with


These are all good points that show why you should start looking for a mentor. Here are a few more things to think about. 


Mentorships and Studying for Your CDL

One of the most important parts of your career is getting your commercial driver’s license. Without it, you can’t get on the road. 


Studying for your CDL, doing your hours behind the wheel to train, and other parts of your education can go more smoothly if you have a mentor. A mentor already has experience and knows how to drive. They know what you need to know to pass the driving examination and to get the marks you want. 


Having a mentor to study with you, quiz you, or help you train and practice your driving skills could make a big difference from the very beginning of your career. 


Consider going online to Facebook groups or Reddit pages to find mentors in the industry. Why? You’ll get connected quickly with people from all over the United States and beyond. Some may be looking to mentor new people coming into the industry, while others may be willing to help you with your tests or exams and training as a way to welcome you into the community.



Helping You Get Into the Trucking Industry

One of the main benefits of having a mentor is that they may be able to help you get into the position you want in the trucking industry. When you join professional communities in your field or go online to LinkedIn or other social platforms, start looking for mentors working where you’d like to work or who are networked with the people you’ve already met. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to these people and ask for advice. Introduce yourself, and be clear about what you’re looking for. As you join groups and professional communities, you’ll get to know people who may have similar interests or who might know of mentors looking for people to mentor at work or outside of work. 


You may also want to talk to any employer you’re interested in working with about the availability of mentorship programs and opportunities. Some employers do provide them, and they may appreciate you asking if you can be mentored as you start out. Asking for a mentorship shows that you are eager to learn and progress in your career. 

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Women in Trucking Mentorship Program

If you’re a woman in trucking, you are in the minority. There are lots of things for you to consider to make this career profitable for you, and you should have the opportunity to join with other women who are also making the most out of this lucrative career option.


For women who want to get started in the trucking industry, there are mentorship opportunities in the Women in Trucking mentorship program. There are two programs to choose from, so you can have a mentor at any stage of your career. 


The first is the LeadHERtrucking mentorship, offered through WIT and LeadHERalliance. It is designed for new truck drivers. 


The second is Engage Mentor Match, and it is for business professionals and drivers in the industry. The program matches you up by career stage, start and end date, specialties and other details.



Use Your Mentor as a Source for Knowledge


Once you’re settled into a job and are on the road, you’ll probably have questions that you need to have answered. Of course, you can ask colleagues, but they may not always be available. Additionally, at the start of your career, you may not be sure who to reach out to.


Fortunately, mentors are always there for you. They’re like a personal lifeline that is available for you to talk to when you need help. Consider connecting with virtual mentors through Facebook trucking groups to have people on standby in different time zones or who can help when one person might be too busy to connect. 


The great thing about mentorships is that mentors have the potential to learn from you, too. As you both work together, they’ll be learning what it takes to be a better leader, while you learn more about your career and what you can do to mentor people who come into the industry after you. 

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Advance Your Career With Mentorships

The right mentorship has the potential to transform your career and make it into one that launches you into the kind of work you’ll love doing. Whether you ask your employer about getting a mentor or source one yourself by going online, a mentor could help you get started off on the right foot and keep you learning while you move along your career path. 


If you’re interested in getting started in the trucking industry, now is a good time. At Pride Transport, we offer training and have job listings that can get you where you want to go in your career. 

We have curated all of our best tips about getting behind the wheel and more info about the importance of a trucking mentor, here

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