Trucking Industry Forecast 2024

by Pride Transport | Jan 29, 2024

Members of the trucking industry know that things are constantly changing. There will always be new vehicle technology, updated rules and regulations from state governments and the federal government, and different ways to advance your career. Staying up-to-date about what’s happening in the world of trucking will help you as a driver know how to advocate for yourself in light of new standards and stay educated and healthy while doing so.

So what exactly does trucking look like in 2024? Let’s take a closer look at the forecast.


The Current Landscape of the Trucking Industry

Something to note for 2024, is that the challenging economic conditions of the past several years aren’t likely to change in drastic ways. Since the pandemic in 2020, supply chain issues have persisted, causing many ups and downs for the trucking industry. 


People are generally spending less money in recent months and ordering fewer goods that need to be delivered. The first six months of 2024 will likely see the same amount of trucking activity as last year. However, in the second half of the year, the United States is predicted to see an increased freight volume of up to 17%!


That uptick in transportable goods will likely lead to a high demand for truck drivers. And since there’s already an ongoing driver shortage, now would be a great time to get your CDL and look for driving jobs at a company like Pride.


Driving isn’t the only job available if you’re interested in working in the shipping industry. Jobs that don’t require you to sit behind the wheel can include safety manager, dispatcher, freight broker, sales person, marketing manager, administrator, mechanics, and you can even become a trainer! As freight volumes increase, reliable and hardworking people will be needed to fill non-driving roles to help trucking companies with logistics and other behind-the-scenes work. 

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Will Truck Driver Salaries Increase?

Driving a truck can be a financially lucrative career, and there is steady projected growth for jobs in trucking. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over the past decade there have been over 200,000 openings annually for tractor-trailer operators.

Because of the aforementioned shortage of drivers, truck driver salary is at a premium. In 2024, drivers can expect to earn an average of $21 per hour, with a medium annual salary of at least $44,000, according to ZipRecruiter.

Over-the-road drivers at Pride Transport can expect to earn a whopping $77,000 per year (and that’s before bonuses!), with .57 to .60 cents per mile starting pay, a paid orientation, paid holidays and vacations, and health insurance and retirement plans that make sense for your family.

Of course, all pay is variable. Your hourly rate or salary will depend on many factors, including your experience, the type of goods you are hauling, and the location where you’re based. Just like in most other careers, there is an opportunity to increase your income through overtime, bonuses, and incentives.

Advancing Your Career in the Trucking Industry

The more time you invest in your career as a truck driver, the more likely it is to climb the metaphorical ladder in the industry. Driving a truck for a living comes with many nuances, and the more you’re able to specialize in certain tasks, the more you’ll stand out as an employee worth promoting in 2024.

This might look like earning additional endorsements. Potential Commercial Drivers License endorsements that could get you different (and higher paying!) types of driving gigs could include:

  • N: A tanker endorsement, which is a type of certification you can obtain to transport large tanks of liquids or gasses with your commercial vehicle.
  • H: A hazmat endorsement, which allows you to drive materials defined as hazardous via the Department of Transportation.
  • X: A dual tanker and hazmat endorsement. Getting your X endorsement requires you to pass a TSA background check in addition to N endorsement written and knowledge exams. The hazmat test is 30 questions long in addition to the tanker written knowledge test and is $18 in total in Utah. 



Because not every driver has an endorsement, you’ll be sure to stand out if you have at least one.

And again, if you don’t want to drive? Not to worry—there are plenty of other jobs available on the back end of trucking that will allow you to progress in your career this year. You might be able to work in a warehouse, either on the floor or behind-the-scenes, managing logistics. You could even work as a mechanic and help maintain fleet equipment. And there are of course HR and logistics positions at every large trucking company. After all, someone needs to manage all of the drivers and their routes!


Truck Driving Career Opportunities: Pride Transport 

The volume of career opportunities in the trucking industry in 2024 makes it a great time to consider where you’re headed. In short, the more flexible you can be for a company, the more valuable you’ll be. This is true for both your time flexibility, the amount of endorsements you have to be able to drive different types of loads, and your adaptability when it comes to learning new rules, regulations, and even new technology.

To stay competitive as a driver and continue to enhance your skills and knowledge, investing in personal development opportunities is key. Make it your 2024 goal to explore mentorship programs with other drivers, learn to drive a new type of truck, or expand your professional network. Driving schools aren’t just for beginners; veterans of the industry can always go back to school!

If you’re looking to make a job switch this year, Pride Transport is hiring! We’re hiring for all sorts of roles to help you advance your career in 2024.

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