The Best Co-Driver On The Road: Pride Pups

by Pride Transport | Jul 25, 2022

We have a special place in our hearts for our Pride puppies. Dogs never complain about the size of their bed on the truck, if you have a student on the truck, or if you’re sleeping at a busy truck stop. They will love you no matter what and will always want to play. Not only do dogs provide companionship on the road, but they also have fantastic health benefits for you. As a truck driver, caring for a dog can decrease anxiety, depression, hypertension, lower cholesterol, and lessen cardiovascular disease. Besides improving our well-being, it is a documented fact that dogs make us happy! Pride Transport has an excellent pet policy; it's one of the many things that makes our company unique.

We welcome dogs, but there are a few important things we'd like to make sure you know about before you hit the road with your canine partner:

  • First, to keep our trucks clean and safe, we require all dogs to be held in kennels outside the building—except for service animals approved by HR.

  • Second, all dogs must be current on their vaccinations and have a valid health certificate within 30 days. If your dog is not up to date with their shots or has an expired health certificate, they must be vaccinated/re-certified before being allowed onboard.

  • Thirdly, each truck has a strict $500 non refundable pet fee that covers potential damage caused by your dog and detailing costs if applicable. This fee is only applicable for your current assigned truck only and will be applied towards any damage or cleaning needed if there are problems with your pet while you are assigned that truck. If you are assigned a new truck, Pride may require another $500 fee before moving to a new truck.

pride driver playing with his dog

Pride Dog Insurance

Did you know that Pride offers Pet Insurance for your furry family members through MetLife? Your pet’s health is a significant investment, and we get that. Thankfully, there are many ways to help save you some money along the way. For example, pet insurance offers discounted veterinary care for dogs and cats of all ages. Even if your pet has never had a health issue, it’s wise to protect them and yourself financially. Accidents happen, and they can be expensive. The average cost for a routine visit can be anywhere from $160-$245, and sometimes surgical needs can be over $500. However, a small monthly payment can ease any unexpected pet medical issues down the road. It is important to note that pet insurance will not cover pre existing conditions. As a pet parent, you want to ensure your fur baby's health. In doing so, you help your health too! When you enroll in Pet Insurance you will receive a 20% discount on premiums for being employed by Pride Transport.

To enroll your furry friend call 800-438-6388.

For more information about Pride’s Pet Insurance, you can email or call HR at 800-877-1320.

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