Your Up-time is Our Business

We know how quickly this business moves and that you must be able to depend on your equipment. Here in the maintenance department our focus, our passion is to keep your equipment in peak shape and keep you moving.

On-Site Maintenance

Your truck is your living we know that so our on-site maintenance team performs all our own, highly detailed, preventative maintenance. We’re constantly adjusting our approach so that we can be as efficient as possible while getting repairs right the first time. Our Pride is doing everything possible to get your truck back to you as soon as possible.

Road Service

Here’s a simple fact we all know and understand; problems happen. When problems do happen our Road Service Group is there, ready to coordinate repairs and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. To make sure you spend less time by the side of the road and the most time on the road we’ve established relationships with OEM dealers and independent repair shops so your problems are fixed quickly and you're on the road as soon as possible. Problems happen, instead of just wishing they didn’t, we’ve made sure we’re prepared to deal with them immediately. We hope you don’t need us but, if you do, we’re here to help.

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