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We strongly believe that a good employer uses its influence and platform to do good in within our communities. This has been at the foundation of our business from the beginning. Our employees have the opportunity to participate in the following charities whether it be through a payroll deduction or many volunteer opportunities.

Our Charity Partners
Pride Transport and Primary Children's Hospital partnership
Primary Children's Hospital

Our partnership with this hospital has been decades in the making. Many of our employees have had some experience with the hospital, whether it was their children or even themselves, being a patient at this hospital. PCH has a reputation of excellence and high quality patient care.

Pride Transport and Salt Lake Truck Show partnership
Salt Lake Truck Show

The purpose of this show is to promote a positive image of the trucking industry while raising funds for the Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho. In its 29th year, this show has brought together truckers from across the nation, even Canada, to raise funds for people with kidney disease.

Pride Transport and Utah Food Bank partnership
The Utah Food Bank

It’s a sad reality that there is so much hunger within our community. The Food Bank is committed to finding and serving those that are underserved and underfed, in many cases, kids. Pride has long partnered with the food bank to help those that are hungry, whether it’s an employee volunteer night, monthly food box deliveries or a load of food needed to be hauled to a certain location, we’re proud to help out where we can.

Pride Transport and Truckers Against Trafficking partnership
Truckers Against Trafficking

Trafficking is not a third world problem. It is an entire world problem. Traffickers are transient and take their victims where the need is. Our professional drivers are out there on the road, where many victims are. We are dedicated to training our drivers to recognize trafficking victims. With the help of the TAT organization and the tools they provide, we’ve been training our employees since 2016 to combat human trafficking.

Pride Transport and Operation Underground Railroad partnership
Operation Underground Railroad

Combating human trafficking on a national and international level, this organization is committed to eradicating the slavery of innocent children and adults. We are committed to helping them.

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