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At Pride Transport, training is more than just instruction, it’s preparation. We’ll give you the tools you need to be the safest driver possible, but we’ll also give you a clear picture of what life on the road is like. Adhering to our belief in honesty, we'll send you out on the road trained and prepared.

Our Programs

If you have less experience, you are a brand-new Class A CDL holder, or you have 30 years of experience but you’ve been away for a while, don’t worry, Pride has a program for you. We will give you the best training available, and you will be paid for your training. None of our drivers are forced to train but many elect to do so. To be a trainer, a driver has to pass our intensive and thorough interview process, and they must show that they truly exemplify Pride Transport’s core values. They are, in essence, “Safety Trainers,” making sure you, as a driver, always keep safety in the forefront of your mind. Safety is important and we are very proud of our safety rating.

Eval 1

Our Eval I program is for drivers who have four months, within the past seven years, of over-the-road solo or team driving. This time does not include any training time. The program generally takes about one week, and the driver will be paid $900.00 for that week. For the program, the driver will be a guest on one of our Trainer’s trucks. Once the driver has completed the program, they will be assigned to their own truck and will start being paid by the mile. Our starting pay ranges from .57 to .75 cents per mile.

Full Training

Our Full Training program is for brand new Class A CDL holders, or those drivers who have left the industry for an extended period of time and are now returning. The full program is six to eight weeks and it’s broken down into two phases.

Phase 1: During the first phase, the driver is paid $750.00 per week. The driver and the trainer are both in the front seats when the truck is moving. This first phase generally takes two weeks to complete.

Phase 2: During the second phase, the driver will engage in both solo and team driving. During this phase, the new driver will be paid $.30 cents for all miles to the truck. The new driver will be paid for all the miles they drive as well as all the miles the trainer drives. In this phase, the average weekly pay is $850.00.

Once both phases of the Full Training are complete, the driver will be assigned to their own truck and will start being paid by the mile. Our starting pay ranges from .57 to .75 cents per mile.

Realistic Job Preview

At Pride Transport we put a lot of importance on the truth, so we believe we owe it to our drivers to convey a realistic view of what life is like on the road. We understand that truck driving is not a job or a lifestyle for everyone and it’s very important to us that every driver is given as much information about the job before training begins so that they can make an informed decision.


At Pride Transport, driver support is the backbone of our business. Our reputation for the best driver support in the business attests to that. Our training program is no different. We have a dedicated Training Manager who follows up with every new driver in every step of their training process. Driver support starts the minute you begin training with us and continues until you move on down the road.


You have the opportunity to make a real difference at Pride Transport. If you have the skills and the desire to help other drivers be better, safer drivers, then our training program wants you. You can earn a substantial pay increase over solo work by becoming a Pride Transport Trainer. The only requirements are good safety and performance measurements and a desire to help other drivers.

Pay Information

Getting paid for the best driver training available is the Pride way. If you're serious about truck driving and you believe safety is a priority, then Pride Transport has a paid training program that is just right for you.

Approximate six to eight week paid training
$750.00 per week for Phase I
.30 cents per mile for all miles during Phase II (you get paid for the trainer's miles too)
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