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We are a truck driver’s trucking company. What that means is that for over 40 years, Pride Transportation has been focused and centered on the needs and the happiness of our drivers. Pride was founded by truckers, it’s owned by truckers and those owners still drive trucks. If you’re looking for shareholders, you won’t find them here. What you will find is a family-friendly, truly professional atmosphere where the driver is the central focus of our company.


At Pride, we believe in doing things the right way. We have always focused on our employees and empowering them to do the right thing. These habits find their way into every aspect of our business. We have persevered through many market cycles and challenges and we have grown stronger through the years. The marketplace will continue to refine us and we will continue to improve as a company.


Pride has always sought out new ways to be efficient. We constantly test new technology to help us streamline our business. While we have always maintained a very modern fleet, Pride also continually searches out new technology, geared towards safety, fuel, and time efficiency. We have invested in our company terminal to make it a comfortable place to conduct business. We appreciate the fact that we have a responsibility to future generations.

Safety & Security

Pride has always focused on providing a safe working environment for our employees and our business partners. We want all our employees, as well as the motoring public, to return home safely to their families. Pride was an early adopter of ELD's (electronic logging device) and has also been using collision mitigation technology as long as it’s been available. We have had numerous employees recognized for their outstanding safety records throughout our 40+-year history. Our industry-leading drivers have hundreds of millions of safe miles under their belts. These safety-focused values drive us in the security of our people and the freight we haul.

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