What to Expect From Your Pride Training

by Pride Transport | Dec 20, 2018

The safety of our drivers and those who share the road with them is vitally important to us here at Pride. We believe everyone should get home safely at the end of a work day. To insure that safety remains in the forefront of every driver's mind, our training extends beyond the average truck driver training session and moves into driver preparation. Our training gives drivers the tools they need to be the safest drivers possible. Being safe means understanding the road, the machine and the lifestyle of a trucker. We make sure our drivers have have great training and a clear, honest picture of what what life on the road is like. This means we send each driver out on the road well trained and well prepared to be the best driver possible. To be a Pride driver.


What it takes

With Pride, you’ll need at least 6 months of solo or team driving in the last three years, this does not include training, to get into your own truck right out of orientation. Don’t worry, say you have 30 years of experience but you’ve been away for a while or you have less than 6 months experience, we have a training program that will fit your needs and get you out on the road quickly and safely.


Eval 1

If you have 3 to 6 months over the road solo or team driving experience in the last 3 years, not including training time, this is the program for you. In this program you’ll complete 50 driving hours which usually take about a week, the driver will be paid $700.00 a week during this program. During their time, the driver will be a guest on one of our evaluator’s trucks. Once the driver completes the program, they’ll be assigned their own truck and start being paid by the mile. Our starting pay ranges from 40 to 55 cents per mile.


Eval 2

Extensive experience, three or more years, not including training, local and old OTR, this is your program. You’ll be required to complete 150 drive hours, which should take about three weeks, during this time the driver will be paid $500.00 per week and will be a guest on an evaluator’s truck. Once this program is completed the driver will be assigned to their own truck and start being paid per mile. Our starting pay ranges from 40 to 55 cents per mile.


Full Training

This program is for brand new Class A CDL holders or drivers who have left the industry for an extended period and are now returning. The program is a total of 300 drive hours broken down into two phases.


Phase 1

In this phase of full training the driver receives a salary of $450.00 per week. Both driver and trainer are in the front seats when the truck is moving. This phase is 100 drive hours and usually takes about two weeks to complete.


Phase 2

In this phase of full training, the driver will take part in both solo and team driving. In this phase the new driver is paid 15 cents per mile. The new driver is paid for all miles driven by the trainer and themself. During this phase the average weekly pay is $700.00.

Once both phases of the Full Training Program are complete, the driver will be assigned to their own truck and started being paid by the mile. The starting rate for drivers ranges from 40 to 55 cents per mile.


Be A Better, Safer Driver

There are so many factors that can affect a driver during his day, most of them out of his control. Being well trained by the best drivers in the business makes our drivers more prepared to face the unknown factors and react in a safe way. Being safe, being prepared aren’t luxuries for us here at Pride they are necessities. At the end of the day we want our drivers home safe with their families and we want the same for all the folks we share the road with. Because of this we know the time we put into training and preparing our Pride drivers is time well spent for everyone on the road.

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