Warriors of the Open Road, an Ode

by Pride Transport | Sep 05, 2020


Warriors of the Open Road, an Ode


Who can resist its siren call

This lonesome open road.

It causes many a heart to fall

And shuttle the needed load.


Few can deny it’s mesmeric reach

A life of free form motility

With many a lesson left to teach

Of life’s sweet joy and fragility.


Who can avoid its winsome pull

The longing for that life

Where passion and purpose never lull

Amidst the highway’s strife.


Who are these drivers on ribboned highways

These warriors tested and brave

Carrying our needs on backroad and byways

Living adventures all of us crave.


These men, these women, traversing the night

Fulfilling a curtained necessity

Powered by engines of unspeakable might

Forging an indelible legacy.


They move through traffic, outface weather

Accepting conditions unmerciful

To keep our nation growing together

Their worth is incontrovertible.


With pet pooch loyally by their side

Or most often going it alone

Each task is accomplished with silent pride

Then quietly they head back home.


This nation of wants and gimme and needs

With open palms demanding

Are indebted to these warriors breeds

With courage and skill outstanding.


So when you scan your grocer’s shelf

And seize your day’s desire

Or grab some medicine for your health

give thought to what transpired.


From whence came these precious goods

And by whom were they conveyed

To this grocery in your neighborhood

with never doubt or delay.


Who are these angels, nameless but true

Tirelessly running the roads

Bringing goods from somewhere to you

Thankless their labors bestowed.


Who are they? They’re drivers

Keeping us all supplied.

Through night and day, they’re fliers

So you’ll never be denied.


Give them thought, now and then

For all the good they’ve brought

Sing praise of these women and men

Lest someday they are forgot.


Undaunted they will charge ahead

Living life by their code

Going where most dare not tread

These warriors of the road.

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