Truck Drivers, the Real Victims of Celadon’s Failure

by Pride Transport | Dec 11, 2019


Companies go bankrupt all the time, it happens and it’s sometimes the price of doing business. No one likes to see this happen and we have great sympathy for any business that faces this kind of hardship.

But what happens to the men and women who are in the trenches, doing the work, when people higher up the ladder make poor choices and send a company into bankruptcy?

Celadon’s former president and CEO, William Meek and the former CFO, Bobby Lee Peavler were recently indicted on conspiracy and other charges. Earlier in the year, Celedon had agreed to pay $42.2 million to settle security fraud allegations that stemmed from falsely reporting profits and assets. The company’s stock was trading at less than 3 cents a share this Monday which was down from a 52-week high at $2.83 last April 11.


What About the Drivers?

While the Celadon CEO and CFO are dealing with legal issues and throwing around numbers in the millions, the men and women who are on the road day in and day out, keeping America supplied, are the ones who are getting seriously screwed.

It needs to be pointed out that there are many good people at Celadon. People who are trying very hard to right this wrong and do business at an exceptional level. These people have great care for the drivers and the rest of the employees as well. There are those who feel the pain of the stranded drivers and are doing all they can to help.

However, without warning, drivers have been told they are no longer employed, many of them far from home driving routes and delivering goods for the holiday shoppers. Gas cards were canceled and no resources for getting these drivers home have been offered by the company. They are stranded and abandoned by some in a company they once put their trust in.


Rumors Don't Help

In truth, there are rumors, many rumors flying about the industry as to what happened and what went wrong. For now, without further details, Pride has no desire to feed or even address the rumors. The focus right now should be on the drivers and how best to serve them and get them home.


There's Hope and Help

Out of Salt Lake City there comes an unprecedented offer of help for the drivers who have been negatively affected by Celadon’s mistakes.

Pride Transport, a leader in the trucking industry, is proving that their claim of having great respect for truck drivers is not just a marketing scheme. 

Steve Schelin, Pride’s Director of Recruiting, has said that Pride is here to help. Any driver that has been stranded and abandoned by Celadon simply needs to call: 1-800-Go-Pride (1-800-467-7433) and Pride will get them a plane ticket home or a rental car so they can drive home.

There are many other carriers who, like Pride, see the need to help these drivers and they too are doing their part, pitching in and helping when and how they can.


No Strings Attatched

What does pride get out of this? Basically nothing. Pride really does have tremendous respect for the men and women who keep this country supplied. Pride sees the terrible situation and they know that drivers must be in a panic, not just being stranded but also looking down the barrel of Christmas with no job.


Pride gets them home

Taking care of drivers is what Pride does. It's what makes them such a  good company to drive for. Without thought of the expense, without ulterior motives, Pride has decided to do all they can to get stranded and abandoned drivers home to their families, home for the holidays.

A plane ticket or a rental car is being offered to drivers who have become jobless or stranded from Celadon. A driver simply has to contact Pride and they will get the driver home.


Drive with Pride

In truth, Celadon isn’t an anomaly in the trucking business. Many companies don’t value their drivers or take care of them properly. There is little trust between drivers and companies and this situation with Celadon, abandoning close to 3000, is indicative of how poorly some companies treat their drivers.

Pride is different. They put their money where their mouth is. Instead of glorying in another company’s downfall, they are stepping in to help the ones who have been hit hardest by corporate greed and selfishness.

For any abandoned driver, first and foremost, contact Pride and get yourself home immediately. Once you’re home and you’ve recovered from the shock, contact Pride about starting a new career driving with a truly caring organization.

So call: 1-800-Go-Pride (1-800-467-7433) and get home and then, give some serious thought to driving with Pride. Apply today!

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