Pride Announces CPM Increase

by Pride Transport | Dec 10, 2020


Few jobs give you the kind of freedom, the type of self-government that you get from driving a truck. There are also few jobs with the job security of being a truck driver. Without truck drivers, our nation would grind to a standstill, and nothing would be delivered. And that’s especially true during the holidays.

This country will always need truck drivers to move the incredible tonnage of shipped goods every day. Even with all the talk of autonomous vehicles, there will always be a demand for drivers.

Today, few companies match the excellent reviews by drivers and customers alike than those of Pride Transport. Pride is known industry-wide for treating its drivers with respect, care, and as the invaluable asset they are to this nation. Driving with Pride means driving with the very best.

Now, driving with Pride has gotten even better.

Pride Transport is pleased to announce that they are increasing their driver pay by .04 CPM.

Steve Schelin, Director of Recruiting for Pride, says: “There is no fine print, no strings attached. Starting December 1, 2020, we are increasing driver pay .04 CPM.”


Increase in CPM

Steve is right; there is no fine print, no hidden excuses, just straight talk; that’s the way Pride operates. Their word is their bond, and their word is bankable.

Starting December 1, 2020, the new solo rate at Pride will be .45 to .65 CPM. The new team rate will be .275 to .375 CPM: no strings, no gimmicks, just straight truth.


And one more thing

As if increasing driver pay per mile and working at the finest trucking outfit around wasn’t news enough, Pride is also announcing a sweet $10,000 signing bonus for new drivers. 

If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new career, now is to the time to stop toying and start driving.

Women, if you’ve ever thought about a career as a truck driver, we here at Pride welcome you with open arms. Driving a truck is a terrific job for women; just read about some of our current women drivers.

And now is a great time to start a new career with the pay increase of up to .65 CPM and the &10,000 signing bonus, you’ll be set and happy being a part of the group of hard-working men and women that keep this country supplied and running smooth.

Command the open road, start a career filled with opportunities and adventure. Contact Pride and see what a career as a truck driver can do for you.

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