Maintaining Good Health and Hygiene Habits As A Truck Driver

by Pride Transport | Jun 13, 2024

Hygiene is linked to good health, and due to the nature of the truck-driving lifestyle — traveling from one delivery or pickup site to another, spending days or weeks at a time on the road — truck drivers sometimes have to work a little harder to maintain a regular health routine. Living out of a cab and cleaning up at rest stops requires a bit of planning, but it’s possible to be clean and healthy while out on the road.

Let’s review why it’s so important to practice good hygiene and learn how easy it can be to stay healthy as a truck driver by practicing a few simple but effective habits.

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Why Truck Drivers Should Care About Good Hygiene

Hygiene is important for a lot of reasons, but let’s start with the biggest reason: your own comfort and wellbeing. Knowing that you’re taking care of yourself provides a boost of confidence and can help set a positive tone for the day.

Most people like to make a good first impression, and truck drivers make first impressions all the time. You're representing yourself and your company when you arrive at a docking site, and it matters both personally and professionally that you’re presentable and clean when doing business with others.

Beyond building better business relationships, hygiene impacts your health. Being careless about regularly flossing and brushing your teeth, for instance, can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities — and can potentially lead to even more serious health concerns.

Also keep in mind that truck drivers must regularly pass the DOT physical examination. A history of poor hygiene could potentially have a negative impact on your overall health, which affects your DOT physical. In a worst case scenario, not passing the DOT physical could result in the suspension or loss of your CDL.

And even if you retain your license, poor hygiene can do enough damage to make you sick, which takes you out of the driver’s seat until you’re better. Drivers who want to maintain their regular schedule and stay on the road as much as possible need to take their health and hygiene seriously.

Plus, maintaining good hygiene helps the people around you, too, by reducing the spread of germs. Truck drivers spend a lot of time by themselves, but there are times when you’re interacting with other people, like at rest stops, restaurants, warehouses, loading docks, and at company headquarters. Practicing good hygiene protects you and others from getting sick and unintentionally spreading germs.


How to Stay Healthy as a Truck Driver

Maintaining good hygiene doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you’ve established a few basic habits, you can go into every situation knowing that you’re taking care of yourself and helping to keep others healthy, too.

Wash your hands regularly

You can prevent the spread of foodborne illness, respiratory illness, and other diseases just by washing your hands — so simple! Some handwashing situations are non-negotiable, such as before eating, after using the restroom, and after doing maintenance work on your truck. Store hand sanitizer or baby wipes in your cab in case you’re somewhere that lacks a handwashing station.

Keep a regular shower schedule

It might not be possible to shower every day, but even showering every other day makes a big difference in your overall health and comfort. Check for shower facilities along your route and plan accordingly. Some state turnpike plazas have truck driver lounges or other facilities for a proper wash-up, and national truck stop chains like Pilot Flying J, Love’s Travel Stops, and TA-Petro Travel Centers also offer shower facilities specifically for truck drivers.

Brush your teeth twice a day

Oral hygiene is connected to many other bodily systems and is a major indicator of overall health. We’ve all been told since we were young that we need to brush our teeth twice a day, so keep it up! Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush when the bristles begin to fray or flare out, which typically happens after four months of regular use.

Care for your contact lenses

Not every driver wears contacts, but those that do should wear their lenses and change them out as directed by their optometrist. Drivers who wear multi-day lenses should make sure to keep a contact lens case and bottles of cleaning solution in their hygiene kit. Long days of driving and staring into the sun can make any driver’s eyes tired, so it’s a smart idea for all drivers to keep a small bottle of rewetting drops handy, too.

Let’s talk laundry

Personal hygiene doesn’t just mean keeping your body clean — your clothes and bedding should be clean, too. You never know what weather shifts might occur on a long trip, or how many laundry facilities you’ll actually find on your route, so keep these laundry tips in mind:

  • Pack socks, underwear, and other clothing as needed so you’re never without clean clothes.
  • Bring at least one change of bedding with you on longer trips.
  • Keep a bag handy for worn/dirty laundry.
  • If you do find laundry facilities, have cash on hand to pay for washing/drying and detergent if needed. You can also keep a travel-size detergent in your cab, or use laundry sheets for even easier washing in a sink.

Your Hygiene Checklist

Just like all drivers conduct a pre-trip inspection on their trucks, you should plan a pre-trip inspection of your personal hygiene products, too. Refer to this checklist to make sure your cab is appropriately stocked:




Body wash or soap




Tissues/toilet paper

Shower shoes (and disinfectant)


Rewetting eye drops

Nail kit

Wet wipes

Hand sanitizer


Antibiotic cream


Contact lenses and case

Contact lens cleaning solution



Look for multi-purpose products when possible to save cab space and simplify your hygiene routine. For example, you can find 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo, and conditioner gels at most major retailers. It’s also helpful to keep your cab tidy because the easier it is to access your personal hygiene supplies, the more likely you are to use them on a regular basis.

Drivers at Pride Transport operate some of the best-equipped trucks on the road because we care about helping our drivers maintain a healthy, comfortable lifestyle while logging miles. Want to learn more about what it’s like to drive with Pride? Check out our benefits or find the right career today!

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