Home way from Home, Decking Out Your Rig

by Pride Transport | Apr 20, 2020

If you’re not a truck driver, it may be hard to wrap your head around the number of hours, days, weeks, years a driver spends in the cab of a truck. Trying to put it some kind of perspective that the layperson can understand, one might say the cab of an 18 wheeler is basically a studio apartment on wheels. And, we’re talking about the NYC type of studio. Small, cramped where if anything is out of place well, you can just kiss the Feng Shui good-bye.

For drivers, something that keeps them feeling happy and excited about working is making the cab of their truck feel as close to home, or a mobile man cave or speedy she shed, as possible.

It’s really important to make the cab as personal and as welcoming as possible in order to make the miles and the time away from family and friends as pleasant as possible. With that in mind, here are some tips for decking out your rig and making it functional and pleasing.


The seat

The command center of the cab is, of course, the driver’s seat. Here’s where the hours are spent and it makes sense that you’d want your seat to be comfortable and supportive.

If you can, get yourself an ergonomic chair. One that supports and moves with you. One that fits your body and, as time goes on, molds to your shape. Ergonomic chairs are maximum support and comfort.

If you cannot swing the ergonomics, get a seat cover that has a lumbar support. The lumbar, the lower back covering the L1 through L5 vertebrae, is the place where most back pain generates from. Back pain can cut short a driving career and make the rest of your life uncomfortable and lead to years of misery. A good lumbar support will ease back pain, improve posture and make your time behind the wheel and away from the cab that much better.

Speaking of the seat, make sure you’ve got yours adjusted to the proper height. Keep the seat high rather than lower. This will ensure that your pelvis is in the correct position. If your seat is too low, it will allow you to slouch which will put pressure on your lumbar region and there you have the birth of chronic back pain.



While we’re on the subject of support, you may want to think about a posture brace. Now, this isn’t something that is really about decking out your rig but, the purpose of decking out the rig is to make the cab as comfy and homey as possible. A place you’re actually looking forward to being in. While driving, your posture is going to determine your comfort and your ability to drive for long hours pain-free. A good, simple posture brace can keep your spine aligned, keep undue pressure off your lumbar and make life better when you’re not behind the wheel. Keep it in your cab and put it on when you get in. Kind of like Mr. Roger’s sweater. You’ll be the Mr. Rogers of the road. No, but, seriously, good posture is going to help you stave off back pain.


Your Bed

Sleeping in your cab shouldn’t be a last resort or something you dread. Rest is vital to your health as a driver and you want to be able to get the best rest possible. With this in mind, you should invest in a high-quality mattress pad, good pillows, and soft, comfy sheets. Add a thick, warm blanket to that mix and you’re going to be getting good sleep.

Now, go a step further. If you have a window in your cab, get some solid curtains that will block out the light and allow you a better sleep. They don’t have to be dull as duct tape, express yourself. Go full-on Star Wars and be the envy of all the truck stops. Have fun and make your curtains practical and personal.



Keeping your cab neat and organized is going to reduce stress, save time and make your cab a welcoming place.  Add pieces for storage to your home away from home. Hanging laundry bags, small storage bins, even a small set of shelves. Everything in its place and a place for everything. Keep the floors clear of clutter, keep things tucked away and the cabin neat and you’ll feel more comfortable. 

Knowing where things are puts your mind at ease and it also allows you to quickly evaluate what you need and what you have enough of, thus saving you from buying extras that will go to waste. Saving money is always a good thing when you’re on the road.

Think about installing a small fridge in your cab. Keep cold beverages in there as well as the meals you’ve made at home. Finding good, healthy food on the road is a challenge so, take control of it. Make healthy meals and prepare healthy snacks and keep them in the fridge.


Decorative Elements

Now that we’ve discussed the practical things that make a truck a home, let’s think about the expressive side of this. What really makes a space your own is what you bring to it in the way of your personality.

Best place to start is with photos of friends and family, places you’ve been to that you love and maybe even movie posters. Things that show there is life in and beyond the cab. Do your kids draw and paint? Put up some of their artwork. Is your husband a crafty person? Put up some of his handy work. 

To keep things fresh and the cab uncluttered, rotate what you hang up every month or so. That way it doesn’t get stale and you always have something new to look at. It also keeps you connected with family and friends, taking little reminders of them along the road with you.

Cab carpets are a great way to add color and style to your rig. Actually, bath mats make the best cab carpets because they are colorful and the rubber backing keeps them from sliding away or under the gas or brake pedals.

What about some custom armrests for your command seat? Leather or some bright fabric. Something that says you and is comfy for the long rides.



Now you can really express yourself and make the cab feel like home. How about a T.V. and a DVD player. It sometimes helps you get through a long, rough day if you know you’re going to be able to relax and watch a great movie at the end of your day. Keep a supply of favorite DVDs on a shelf or in a bin if there’s nothing good at the Redbox.

You’ll also want a good sound system with speakers throughout the cab. We know you love singing along to your favorite songs when you’re out on the road alone. Or, you can listen to a great podcast or yell at the weirdos on talk radio. A good sound system is going to make your drive time and your downtime that much more enjoyable.


Creature Comforts

These are the little things that may not be super important but, they are as annoying as all get out when you don’t have them.

Keep a nice set of utensils in a storage bin. Eating with plastic utensils can become depressing. A nice set of knife, fork, and spoon will bring a little civility to your rolling home.

Napkins and paper towels. You know you spill and you need to wipe the pot roast out of your beard, so, keep them handy in a storage bin.

A microwave oven is basically a must. Saves you time, money and lets you be the master of your menu. If you have those delicious and healthy meals that you’ve made in the fridge, you’ll need a way to heat them up. A microwave is going to save you time and money while driving.And, what would life be without a nice, hot cup of joe to get the day started? Well, it would be terrible that’s what it would be. So get yourself a good 12-volt coffee maker. Truckstop coffee is often mistaken for 20-grade oil, avoid that at all costs and make your own coffee. It will save you time, money and trips to the doctor for ulcer medication.


On the road

A good portion of your life is spent on the road in the cab of your truck. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it your own and deck it out in a way that makes you happy to get in.

Psychologically it helps to ease your stress levels when your cab is neat and organized and your head and heart will feel better with reminders of friends and family to look at.

Make your cab more than just a place to sit in and wait to get out of, make it a welcoming personal space that you enjoy being in.

If you have any tips that you want to share about what you’ve done to deck your cab out, share them with us, we’ll make sure they get passed along.

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