Benefits of Having Your Dog on the Road

by Pride Transport | Sep 22, 2020


Your home time is done. Now, you have to get back behind the wheel and trek across this great nation of ours, keeping the country supplied and running smoothly. You’ve got no problem getting back to work. You love your job, you love the open road, being your own boss, there are no problems at all. You’ve got no complaints. But someone does.

Once again you have to look your dog in the eyes and say goodbye. You try to explain it to him, you’ve got people relying on you, heck, the whole country is relying on you. You let him know you’ll be back, you’ll miss him and it won’t be that long. Trouble is, he’s a dog and he doesn’t comprehend the space/time continuum. He understands you. He understands walks and treats and belly rubs, but he doesn’t understand why you disappear for long stretches. It breaks your heart to break his little heart.

So … don’t.

Take your best friend along with you on the road. It’s more than just fun, there are actually benefits to having your dog in the cab with you. So, why not bring him along for a great ride. 

Before you let Abner, your dog, hop in the cab you’ll need to do a little prep work. Once you’ve got the bowls and blankets taken care of, you’re off on a very beneficial adventure.



The Benefits

pride truck driver playing with dog

There’s a lot that’s been written and discussed about taking your dog on the road. Many smart people with probably more education than they need, have written papers about how having your dog on the road, or on vacation with you, is helpful and healthy. 

Did you know that 60% of all truck drivers are pet owners? It’s true and 40% of them take their pet on the road. Here are some basic benefits of trucking with your dog.


Good for the dog

On the road, your dog gets to experience all kinds of new sights and sounds and smells that he just doesn’t get exposed to at home. Dogs, like humans, can get bored with the same old same old every single day. When he’s on the road with you, it’s a whole new and exciting time.


I don't miss you

Missing your pup when you’re on the road is hard to take. You can get depressed and unfocused because you’re missing your best buddy. Well, if he’s right there in the cab with you, you’re not going to be missing him.


In good hands

You know when you’re away from your dog, you’re always thinking about him and the care he’s getting. Is he eating enough, drinking enough, getting enough love and attention? When he’s with you, he’s getting the best care because no one cares for your dog like you.


Quality time

When he’s with you in the truck, he’s with you. No distractions, no one fighting for your attention, it’s just you and your dog. That’s quality time.



With your dog on the road, you have a never-ending source of social media content. You have memories being made every minute of every day.


More benefits

Those are the basics, the benefits that most pet owners already know, and the reasons, like companionship, why truck drivers take their dogs along with them. However, there are more benefits, deeper benefits that some people haven’t even thought about.


Mental health

“The Pet Effect”. This is a real thing. Psychologists have determined that pets can help alleviate feelings of stress, depression, anxiety, and loneliness. 74% of all pet owners have reported significant improvements in their mental health because of their pets.



People who struggle with loneliness often report that they have trouble striking up conversations and making friends. It is much easier to do that when you have a dog. A person will often approach a dog before they’d approach another person. Once the dog has been engaged the conversation between two people can start.

Major dating sites, such as, PlentyofFish, and OkCupid, suggest that people looking for relationships, get a pet. Walking a dog is one of the best ways to meet a possible romantic liaison. The dog breaks down barriers and provides a great conversation starter. And, if the person being met has a dog as well, there are subjects for conversations and common interests.


A closer bond

Taking your dog with you on the road helps to develop a closer bond. With many people in a household, your dog will spread his love as evenly as possible But, spending time with him one-on-one, traveling with him will create a special connection between the two of you.

Many truck drivers report that when they have taken their dog on the road then they return home, their dog stays close to them and looks to them for attention and how to behave. A stronger bond between you and your dog actually makes the dog more relaxed and better socialized. He will feel safer when you’re around.


You become more zen

Dogs are, by nature, very Zen. They aren’t in a rush, they don’t have to be doing everything all the time, like some humans. They also know the benefits of stopping and smelling the roses or the hydrants or the trees … you get the idea.

There’s an old adage that pets and owners start to look alike. Well, they also start to act alike. A dog can help someone who is normally uptight, anxious, and moving at a frenetic pace for no real reason, to stop and slow down. If you’re spending good, quality time with your dog, you will naturally take on his pace and his view of the world. You will slow down, relax, and see the world around you more.


Go with the flow

This goes hand in hand with observing your dog. The day may be rough, the weather terrible, clients bad, maybe you’re running behind schedule. In these cases, when you look in the passenger seat at your dog you’ll notice something quite remarkable; he doesn’t care about any of that. He’s just happy to be there, with you, on the adventure.

A dog just goes with the flow. And, spending more time with your dog allows you to do the same. Which can lead to lowering your blood pressure and make you a little more heart-healthy.


Feeling safer

Maybe your mini Dachshund isn’t a guard dog per se however, he is going to bark at strangers, at people coming near your truck or when it’s late and he just doesn’t feel things are right. Having a dog with you, no matter the size, will make you feel safer.

Feeling safe creates a strong bond between you and your dog, as he protects you, you protect him. Taking care of something other than yourself leads to better mental health and a better ability to function in social situations.


It's just good

You can do the research, talk to doctors, read textbooks but the simple fact is, if you love your dog, having him with you more is just going to make life better. The deeper effects are there and are really interesting however, you don’t need all that to have a reason to take your best bud on the road.



Talk to your trucking company, find out of they allow dogs in the cab, most who understand the true value a dog on the road will allow it. And, find out what kinds of pets they allow. We talked about dogs in this piece but, there are cat wonders, bird owners and even ferret owners. But, the most popular is the dog. If you have a dog, think about taking him on the road for your benefit and his.

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