10 Apps That Are a Must for Truck Drivers

by Pride Transport | Nov 25, 2019


The smartphone. An endless miracle of possibilities. Watch your favorite TV show, text friends across the globe, read the top seventeen newspapers of the world and so much more. Rumor has it, these things also send and receive phone calls. Oh, technology, where would we be without you?

And, what would life be without the many millions of apps we can download to our smartphones that allow us to do so many useful and important things. Like, put bunny ears on your selfie. The mind reels at the bounty of advances we have been gifted by technology.

If you’re a truck driver, one of the countless men and women moving goods across the highways and byways of this great nation, your smartphone is an essential tool for your daily life. Here are ten apps that are extremely helpful for truck drivers. Beyond, bunny ears and sparkles on your selfie, these apps help find fuel, food, lodging and a traffic-free pathway to your destination.



This is an app drivers can use to by-pass weight stations. The company provides by-passes in 36 states and over 600 inspection sites. Drivewyze touts Improved CSA scores with the help of inspection notifications that will keep drivers safe and alert.


Trucker Tools

This app was created by Overdrive and it’s more like a collection of mini-apps. This is going to make your road life a lot easier. If you’re planning a route ahead of time it can help you find your favorite truck stops, weigh stations and it will even give you up to the minute weather reports. This is an app that keeps you prepared for your time on the road ahead.


Trucker Path Pro

You can get this app on Google or on iTunes and it’s worth it. This is a very comprehensive trucker’s app that allows drivers to share information and tricks of the trade on an interactive map. Where do you park in San Jose’? What’s the best place for cheap gas in Cleveland?

I need ribs in St. Louis! Trucker Path Pro has all that going on. Also, it has a very nifty truck posting feature. This lets drivers notify brokers when they’re available to haul a load, no matter where they are. This lets brokers reach out to drivers and be proactive.


Big Road

If you’re a driver who spends too much time doing documentation after a hard day of driving, this is your app. It helps you find weigh stations, lets you quickly send documentation to your company and you can take photos of your log or documents for safe storing. The app will also automatically calculate available drive time based on your HOS rules.



This app uses GPS, your current speed and user reports to estimate your driving time down to the minute. It will tell you exactly what obstacles are ahead and suggest the best alternate routes to avoid said obstacles. If that’s not enough, it can also send you to the cheapest gas station in your immediate area.



Fuel costs are a major headache for drivers and owners alike. This little app specializes in finding the best gas prices at over 7,000 gas stations and truck stops nationwide. Fuel savings can add up to something big and this app will help. And, it’s free.


Audio Books

Wonder what this app does? Let’s look at the name. Yup, you guessed it. This app provides drivers with a huge store of books on tape to listen to and some to purchase. The app has over 100,000 titles available and 2,500 plus titles are free of charge.


Storm Shield

An unexpected storm while driving can be a royal pain in the ass. For a truck driver, an unexpected storm can be deadly. Using GPS to track weather and storms in your area, this app keeps the driver aware of any storms so they’re never unexpected. Another cool feature, it offers voice notifications so you don’t have to look at your phone while you’re driving in a storm.


iExit Trucks

Find all of those much-loved truck-friendly businesses and the cheapest diesel prices at nearly every interstate exit n the U.S. The app also helps you find fuel, food, lodging, shopping, healthcare services, auto parts stores and more. Every exit, every interstate on your route.


White Noise

Getting sleep on the road is a must and it is not easy. After a long day driving it can be difficult to relax, shut your head off and get a good, deep, restful sleep. This is the app that will help you get the rest you need. This one is great for a few features: a relax mode that lets you get rid of stress and worries so you’re ready for sleep. 50 HD sounds to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It also has 20 alarms so you can wake up easy and refreshed and you’re not jarred into your day.


These are just ten apps that we culled from the literally hundreds of apps available for your smartphones. Do you have a special app that has helped you when you’re driving? How about apps that help you eat right on the road or show you how to exercise when driving long distances. Be a friend and leave your app suggestions in the comments. Share your app knowledge with the rest of us.

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