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The purpose of this campaign is the help the motoring public appreciate, respect and understand the role a professional driver plays in their personal lives. From delivering food that makes it to their dinner table, to medicine that they pick up at their local pharmacy when their child is sick. That product made it to a store and ultimately their home, by a professional truck driver. That particular driver likely encountered traffic, being cut off by other vehicles, weather and many DOT regulatory issues to make it to its final destination. And most importantly, the driver was away from their family to deliver it to yours.
We strategically kicked this campaign off at the time of an event that we attend every year, for the last 27 years, The Great Salt Lake Truck Show. We knew that we could gain traction and support at a show where the general attendant has some connection with a driver, whether it be their parent, sibling, spouse or friend, it was a great place to initiate this awareness.
At this particular event (The Great Salt Lake Truck Show) on August 14th and 15th, we had our Pride driver and most recent Pride’s Women Driving America Spotlight, Marie Rodriguez, talk to attendants to help them understand what role professional drivers play in the lives of everyone. She also discussed common misperceptions about truckers and ultimately, served as a great representation of what a professional truck driver looks like. She’s a representation of what a Pride driver looks like.
In fact, our founder, was also one of the founders of the aforementioned truck show ( He’s been a driving force behind this event for almost 30 years. The sole purpose of this truck show is to create a positive image of the trucking industry, which it has been doing for three decades. Its proceeds benefits The Kidney Foundation of Utah and Idaho. During this two day event, there were five representatives of the company that were wearing our Know the Road t-shirts, and we passed out Thank You Truck Drivers dashboard signs.

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This campaign was also posted on our Facebook page which again, has an expansive reach.

We will continue this campaign to help educate the motoring public in an effort to regain

he respect that our industry and drivers deserve.